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Body jewelry for men, women and children is a huge hot trend, a fashion accessory which personalizes the way we look, and in many instances, has become part of our dress code.  You just have to take a look at the bodies on the beach to see how many parts of the body are adorned with surgical steel earrings and rings. From navel surgical steel rings to rings for the eyebrows, nipples, knuckles, genitals, lips, tongue, nose and ears,  surgical steel earrings and rings are the first choice if you want to avoid problems and constantly look good.Avoid Infections and Inflammation with Surgical Steel Rings
The fact that surgical steel is used in surgical equipment as well as implants is one of the reasons why jewelry made from this kind of steel is known as surgical stainless steel. The generous amounts of chromium in the steel make it both scratch- and corrosion resistant. Its strength and durability and the fact that it is easy to keep clean, makes it the top choice for body piercing jewelry. Surgical steel earrings and rings are in high mode and nobody wants to look cool at the cost of having a nasty infected pierced body part.
High quality Hypoallergenic 316L Surgical Steel
When it comes to timeless jewelry, stainless steel earrings are still one of the most popular jewelry items. Man stainless steel rings are equally popular, and  their stainless steel rings are made from high quality hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel. Their sheer flexible nature makes them popular for every kind of style. There are different stainless steel rings, but surgical steel rings are typically used for jewelry, and should certainly always be used for new body piercings.  For those who want something more colorful, bright gemstones help stainless steel rings stand out even more. 
Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy with chromium as well as nickel, which gives the steel that smooth finish. There are different classifications used which help to identify the type of steel in surgical steel earrings and rings, and the most common type used in  jewelry is 316L, known for its strength as well as its corrosion-resistant properties.
With surgical- and stainless steel you won't have to cope with that unattractive contact nickel dermatitis look associated with an inferior product. Unlike a metal like silver, the beauty of surgical steel is that it wont  interact with a body piercing, so you enjoy quicker healing, and the risk of infection and inflammation is eliminated.
Join the Global Search for a Certified Wholesale Jewelry Supplier  is a renowned and certified wholesale jewelry supplier meeting international standards. We have clients from around the world requesting our amazing jewelry. Our amazingly unique designs are highly sought after and nearly all of the  jewelry is made from surgical steel, making us the biggest designer and supplier of surgical steel earrings and rings in Thailand.
Our factory and offices are always open to allow customers to view our top grade products. Even the imitation jewelry is made from top quality polished brass with hypoallergenic and nickel free plating. As suppliers, our minimum order is 49 $ and free shipping is offered for orders over 400$ and shipment is worldwide. is our online piercing shop and there is no minimum order required there; in fact you can take just one item. 

There are very few jewelry manufacturers like who can offer the selection of surgical steel rings and stainless steel earrings that we do. What makes our surgical steel earrings and rings so special is our cheap costs. Stainless steel earrings, rings as well as our unique man stainless steel rings are a fascinating way to express your personality.